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In today's economic environment with tighter lender policies, would your clients consider the necessity of Business Assurance cover to be of:



Our Price Match plus 3% off all our Protection Products offer ends this Friday, August 1st!!!

Just to remind you ... this great offer applies to absolutely everything: Term, Pension Term, Mortgage Protection, Specified Serious Illness and also includes Indexation!! And don't forget, Caledonian Life also offers full commission option choices when you price match, and these are all available too in conjunction with this great savings offer.

Of course if you need any further information on this great Price Match plus 3% off all our Protection Products offer, your Broker Consultant will be only delighted to help! Don't forget this great offer ends this Friday, August 1st!
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New Business Assurance Material

Did you know that there are actually over 185,000 active enterprises in Ireland employing over 1.2 million people and t here were 107 startup companies formed every day in May 2014? That’s over 2,400 new companies forming in that month alone!


That's why, we have developed a new suite of Business assurance materials which includes brochures, presentations and reports that you can use to highlight the key Protection issues to local enterprises.

Also, to tie in with the launch of our new Business Assurance material, we have also produced a new online Business Assurance videocast, which has 1 hours CPD. Click here to watch the CPD video.





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More good news!

As you are working so hard to promote our great Summer savings offer to your clients, we think you deserve a little something extra too. 

That's why we are now introducing 'commission on release'.

Quite simply, this means that your commission will become payable at your selected commission date as soon as the policy is released.

So you now don't have to wait anymore until the first client payment.We think that will be particularly good news if you are using our one months Free Cover option with your clients!

And you can now choose to get paid your commission on a weekly basis.

All you have to do is let your Broker Consultant know that you want to select this option for your commission payments.


*Terms and conditions apply to our price offer


Price match plus 3% off our Protection Products offer* extended

+ now you'll get 'commission on release'

  + the option of weekly commission payments.



Life Matters - for what matters in life

We have designed a new series of flyers - that you can personalise and brand as your own- that highlight some of the key issues that the public are either not aware of, or sometimes, want to shy away from. Such as;

  • How long their life cover will last?
  • Tax implications for Life Cover payouts for cohabiting couples;
  • How will monthly bills be paid off if I die?
  • Why use a Financial Broker for Life Cover?
  • What would you do if a partner in your firm died? amongst many others. 

Once these have helped pique their interest, your expert advice will be able to help them find the best solution for their individual protection needs. 


Click on the image above for a video demo on how to personalise our new flyers ^^

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Helping Hand - protecting more than just your clients' finances



This short video shows Mark Roberts, an ex-financial advisor, talk about his own experience of Helping Hand and what he believes are its key benefits.


To view on your iPad, iPhone etc. as a Quick Time Movie, click here >> 

Helping Hand gives your clients and their family* one-to-one personal support through a Nurse Adviser from Red Arc.

This support is to help them cope with the devastating effects illness or bereavement can have and is available at no additional cost, regardless of which Caledonian Life policy your clients put in place**.

By recommending a product with Helping Hand included, you'll be giving your clients quality cover.


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More Helping Hand brochures are available to download here >>


Never Heard of Royal London? You’re about to……

Royal London is Caledonian Life’s parent company.

They have recently revealed a new brand identity designed to make the company stand out from its competitors and reflect the company’s mutual heritage and its distinctive personality. It aims to make Royal London a household name. 

In April, to help promote the new brand and strategy, they launched an intensive and large scale advertising campaign with the slogan "We're so yesterday".

It plays up its traditional values and the fact that it has stood by its customers since 1861 – and is now the largest Life and Pensions Mutual in the UK – and highlights the need for Life and Pension products.


The ads can be seen here in Ireland on ITV, Channel 4 and some of the specialist channels, so they should help raise awareness and be an added support when you recommend Caledonian Life as part of the Royal London Group, to your customers.

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Caledonian Life

Commission Payments 

  • Monthly Direct Credit payment option available if preferable (call 1800 453 453)

  • Minimum commission threshold is 125 euro. (Meaning all commission earned is built up and released upon reaching the 125 euro threshold.  All commission valued at over 125 euro is processed as usual and paid at the next commission payment date.)